Alamo, Georgia, 2019

Yours Rurally is a mission-driven company offering gift boxes - for all occasions - that feature premium, high-utility products sourced exclusively from rurally-based* entrepreneurs, brands and businesses throughout the USA.


When it comes to gifting we all desire to do so thoughtfully and beautifully. We simultaneously want to spend our money in an impactful way, conscious of the brands and businesses that our dollars support. Our gift offerings are curated with all of those factors in mind. Good-looking, well-made, useful and sourced intentionally from rural America. Gift-giving made easy and effortless for the mindful gift-giver.

Yours Rurally is led by Sherri Powell, a very proud native of Alamo, Georgia (pop. 3,362) (per capita income of $8,748). Alamo is the county seat of Wheeler. Sherri has been a long-time advocate for sustainable rural economic development policies and initiatives and is on a mission to do a small part in supporting small-town, rurally-based businesses and in turn, rural economies, one gift box at a time.

* As designated by the US Census Bureau, Department of Agriculture and Center for Rural Health Policy

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