Save the USPS // Save Rural Post Offices

The United States Postal Service (USPS) remains under threat. Mail delivery continues to be massively delayed or outright stalled. And the politicization of the agency is still underway - amping up even, as the country prepares for Election Day. What a shame.

Pointedly, if the USPS loses funding and fails, rural America is in big, big trouble. The USPS is not only a national treasure but is also an absolute lifeline for Yours Rurally and for other rurally-based businesses throughout the country. In many rural communities there are no other shipping alternatives. Further, the majority of rural towns throughout the U.S. lack a local pharmacy therefore the elderly and disabled depend mightily on the USPS to deliver their necessary medications. If the USPS fails, this population will be left with no access to vital and potentially life-saving drugs.

Please keep buying stamps and please consider contacting your Senators and Representative to demand that the USPS be protected.

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